UNVI S.A. is a manufacturer of passenger transport vehicles (buses, coaches, Midis, minibuses, wheelchair accessible vehicles, VIP vehicles) and special vehicles (library buses, clinics, mobile offices, etc)

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UNVI, S.A. is ISO 9001 certified demonstrating our long-standing commitment to providing quality to our customers. In June 1997 UNVI, S.A. was classified by Renault V.I. as a Level A Bodywork Constructor.

From its foundation in 1995, UNVI, S.A. has been guided by the spirit of maximum customer satisfaction, relying on a team with a wide knowledge of the sector and a production process based on the concept of total quality.

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Being part of the automotive group Perez Rumbao, we have two production plants. UNVI, S.A is located in Ourense (Spain) and CAMO Indústria de Autocarros, S.A. sited in Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal).


UNVI, S.A. | Polígono Industrial San Ciprian de Viñas | 32901 Ourense- Spain

Tel.: +34 988 980 600 | Fax: +34 988 256 904 | Email: | Web:


UNVI BUS & COACH Ltd. is the sister company of UNVI, S.A. which is responsible for overall management of the brand in both the UK and Ireland.

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As well as overseeing the sale and distribution of new UNVI vehicles, we also provide an operator to operator broker service for pre-owned approved UNVI coaches via our website and associate sales partners.  Our other prime objective with the alliance of associate company’s is to oversee all after sales activity including warranty provision and full parts sales and distribution for all right hand UNVI vehicles.